The kennels are light and airy, and each dog has it's own individual sleeping area and covered outside run.
Hygiene is of utmost importance and all kennels are thoroughly scrubbed (using Trigene virucidal disinfectant) between occupants, and a meticulous cleaning routine is carried out every day.
Each pet is fed to your requirements as at home and as often. Treats are provided and are welcome. If your pet requires any specific dietary attention this will be catered for on consultation
We supply your pets bed and bedding; this is washed and dried on site

    We are a high quality service for dogs and cats
    Fully licenced by york city council
    Collection and delivery service available
    Inspections welcomed

All our cattery acomodation is indoor 
Cats are housed in separate runs seperated by sneeze screens allowing the cats to see each other but not to allow any direct contact
Only cats from the same family are allowed to share.
Hygiene and safety are considered of the utmost importance.
You are welcome to bring along beds/ blankets/ towels/ old sweaters/ toys,Scratch posts or anything you feel will help your cat feel more at home


All our rates are fully INCLUSIVE
We do not charge extra for food there will be no surprise extras to pay when you check out.

Dog £13.50 Day
2+Dogs sharing 10% discount

Price on application

1 Cat £9.00 / Day
2 + Cats sharing 10% discount